COVID-19 secure

We have completed a range of COVID-19 specific risk assessments to ensure our facility is fully compliant.

COVID-19 secure

Completion of risk assessments covering all business operations.

As required by the Health & Safety Executive we have carried out a range of COVID 19 specific risk assessments covering all operations and areas of the business – 12 separate risk assessments in all entirely focussed on COVID 19

Our business has been operational throughout the COVID 19 crisis; systems and precautions have been developed and implemented progressively throughout that time. We are very proud of the way that our team have continued to work in a careful and safe manner at all times. The precautions we are taking and the modifications to our operating procedures are continuing to develop and extend every week.

The risk assessments and safe working practices are published internally and available to all members of staff.

Daniel Brownlie on 18th May 2020

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