New Equipment

In 2017 we began the process of updating all the equipment in our Digital Print Department

In 2017 we began the process of updating all the equipment in our Digital Print Department

with the acquisition of a Domino 630i continuous-feed mono Inkjet line and in recent months this process was concluded when we replaced all our digital sheet-fed machines.

The new machines include an HP Indigo 7900 that produces 120 A4 four-colour pages a minute. This machine is a faster and more productive machine than the two Indigo machines it replaces. The team that operate the HP7900 have attended courses held at HP’s European Training Centres to ensure we obtain the best quality and performance from our new Indigo.

HP Indigo 7900

In addition to the Indigo we have purchased two Canon ImagePress four-colour machines, a C750 and C850,

which although slightly slower than our new Indigo are able to print on a larger sheet size and are ideal for our Print on Demand solutions. In addition the two Canon machines provide excellent back-up to the Indigo.

Two new Canon Titan 6220 monochrome engines bring our black and white sheet fed operation bang up to date. From the trials we have performed our view is that these machines produce the best quality of any monochrome sheet-fed digital engine. A Ricoh 8100 monochrome printing system has also been installed to support the printing of carrier sheets and advice notes in our fulfilment operation.

The complete replacement of our digital printing equipment has provided the opportunity to reorganise the department so as to improve the flow of work through it.

There is much discussion about digital colour being good enough or not good enough, but there is no doubt that the HP Indigo produces the best in class digital colour and this will now produce the vast majority of digital colour work at Hobbs. The high productivity of this machine is already making a significant impact on our production schedules.

One of the new Canon Digital Print Engines
Daniel Brownlie on 20th September 2017