Komori G437 Four Colour Press

We have installed and commissioned a new Komori G437 4 colour H-UV press.

Introducing our latest press

We are delighted to confirm a major update to our print capacity with the installation of an Komori G437 four colour, SRA1 format press.

This press replaces a B3 format Heidelberg Speedmaster 52. Given the faster make-ready process, larger format and higher running speeds, this machine represents a 400% like-for-like increase in capacity.

The H-UV technology delivers a number of tangible benefits for our customers. For example, the instant sheet curing offered by the new press means there is no risk of set off or marking.

The fact that the ink is cured on the surface of the sheet rather than drying conventionally through a blend of absorption, oxidation and evaporation, allows us to print high quality vibrant images on a very wide range of stocks, including more environmentally friendly uncoated stocks.

The driers on an H-UV press use around 50% less power than the driers on a conventional litho press use and the reduction in airflow in the back of the press allows sheets to be delivered more consistently at higher speed.

In January 2017, Komori UK will complete the upgrade of our existing G440 B1 format press to the same H-UV technology. At this point the two presses will use no more power than the previous configuration, but we will have almost doubled our 4 colour capacity – it is a very energy efficient solution.

The curing process on the H-UV presses will make coating and sealing completely unnecessary as the image is stable and robust and not liable to scuffing when printed on matt and silk coated stocks. The absence of the coating will remove the associated odours from our printed products.

H-UV technology generates no ozone and requires no venting. Other advantages include the removal of downtime associated with maintaining and cleaning the coating unit and a dramatic reduction in maintenance time associated with the print units.

The cost savings of the reduction in maintenance time and the removal of coating materials offset the increased cost of the ink and help to make our prices as competitive as possible.

Daniel Brownlie on 28th July 2020