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An efficient European 'distribute and print' solution for a US publisher

The challenge

A US publisher was looking for a print partner in the UK as they were frustrated by the high shipping costs and long delivery times when shipping from the US to Europe.

European orders sometimes failed to reach their destination, causing a loss in revenue, and staff were spending too much time dealing with international shipping queries.

The publisher also recognised the need to improve their long-term environmental impact.

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The solution

Hobbs built a custom ERP integration for the publisher’s existing order management system. European order files are sent directly to Hobbs without the need for manual processing by the publisher.

Books are then printed, packed and dispatched by Hobbs to customers across Europe, with Hobbs handling all shipping, taxes and customs queries.

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Provision of service

Alongside the highly automated order management system, we have also created an intelligent stock management and print-on-demand production workflow, which has led to significant reductions in stock and storage costs.

Our detailed knowledge of customs and excise requirements across Europe means that we are able to handle complex orders accurately and efficiently.

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The publisher’s staff have significantly reduced the time spent dealing with European orders.

In addition to faster delivery times and lower shipping costs, our intelligent stock management system has led to significant cost savings, due to lower stock storage costs and reduced exposure to product obsolescence. 


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