If you have created your own files we'll be happy to process them.

Our highly automated pre-press operations take in-coming PDFs and application files through extensive pre-flight checks, online or hard copy proofing where required and into manufacturing.

Files are typically supplied via FTP or SFTP – either our own or the clients’ own sites as appropriate. Our XMF Remote system also allows clients to upload files directly into our pre-press workflow to facilitate automated online proofing, processing and reporting.

Pre-press workflows support On-Demand, Ultra short run or conventional batch production methodologies with print files most commonly residing in our repositories.

CD and DVD manufacturing in runs from one copy to several hundred is a service being provided every day. The ability to print and burn CDs and DVDs in a single pass is ideal for on demand and ultra-short run production. These products are most frequently combined with printed products downstream prior to despatch.

Typesetting and in-house proof reading

We have a dedicated team of professionals who provide typesetting and proof reading services in house. We are one of a very small number of companies who still provide this service within the UK.

Typesetting of confidential products is an area in which we have extensive experience.

If you would like to learn more about our services or how we might help you please call Brian Jelf on 07824 804563 or click here.