If you have created your own files we'll be happy to process them.

We receive open files and PDFs created from a multitude of software, from Microsoft Word to established graphic arts packages such as Indesign and 3B2.

Using our Pre-Flight software we can interrogate the component parts of your files and report potential problems with fonts, images and colour requirements. We can then guide you in correcting the problems to ensure a smooth workflow.

Pre-flighted files are often proofed to customers for confirmation and then processed in preparation for either litho or digital printing. So, whether your document is text only, or has complicated colour elements, we have the ability to ensure that the image on press reflects your aspirations.


Producing high-quality content from multiple data sources is a complicated and time-consuming process for the ambitious publisher. On a daily basis our well-trained staff, using modern and efficient hardware and software, are called upon to apply their expertise in ensuring the finished product meets the requirements of the market. Our customers benefit from the experience we gain in working on many different types of publication, which can only improve processing time and quality.

Our technical expertise in XML allows data that drives the printed version to be available for on-line publishing requirements in a simultaneous workflow. Print-Ready and Web-Ready PDFs can be produced to suit your publishing requirements and we have decades of experience in handling complicated database products that drive legal, financial and transport publications.

Talk to us about your typesetting and origination requirements. You’ll be surprised how much we know.

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