The paper may be excellent, the printing sharp and pleasing to the eye, but if the finishing isn't sound then you've got major problems....

On too many occasions the importance of finishing is the forgotten part of the process. That’s not the case at Hobbs. If there is one area of our business that constantly amazes visitors to our facility it is the breadth and depth of our competences, skills and services in the bindery.

Perfect Binding, PUR Binding, Saddle Stitching, Drilling (5 different drilling systems!!) Loose-Leaf, Wire-O, Side-Stabbed, Cased, Padding, Banding, Shrinkwrapping, Boxing.

The power from this department shines through in on-time delivery of no-fail publications day after day.

Of course, when you complement this powerful resource with our fulfilment services you can really save time, hassle and money and also make a difference to the environment by minimising the transportation involved in delivering the product to your client. The finishing team is there to be tested.

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