Hobbs succeeds in accreditation to new International Health and Safety Standard ISO45001

1st August 2019

Hobbs the Printers has recently been successfully assessed against the new ISO45001 Health & Safety Standard.

The Company had been accredited under the previous ISO18001 Standard for many years and has now successfully transitioned onto the new and more exacting requirements of the ISO45001 Standard which was introduced in 2018.

The accreditation process was carried out by URS Holdings, an accrediting and certification organisation with over 25 years of experience of ISO compliance operating through 44 global offices.

About ISO 45001

ISO45001 sets out to provide a robust and effective set of processes for improving work safety in global supply chains and is also the world’s first International Standard for occupational health and safety.

Designed to help organisations of all sizes and industries, ISO state that the new International Standard is expected to reduce workplace injuries and illnesses around the world.

Further accreditations

At the same time as the ISO45001 assessment, Hobbs was also reassessed for the ISO9001 Quality Management Standard and ISO14001 Environmental Standard, having held accreditation with ISO9001 and its predecessor BS5750 continuously since 1992.

The Company has also been assessed against the new FORS (Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme) standard. This ensures that the Company is not only maintaining safe practice in the way operators drive and maintain vehicles, but also that the Company provides regular training for drivers and can demonstrate that it has extensive and appropriate policies, risk assessments and standards in place.

Apprenticeships at Hobbs

7th June 2019

In a recent conversation Graham Bromley, Deputy Managing Director, reflected on his early career at Hobbs and also discussed the Company’s current plans to recruit apprentice trainees

“I started my career at Hobbs as an apprentice in the finishing department and learned not just about the production processes, but also about the culture and ethos of the business which is based on excellent customer service, financial stability and long term planning.”

He continued;

“Apprenticeships have been at the core of our recruitment and development process for many years. In addition to myself other former apprentice trainees include Colin Richardson (Customer Services Manager), Paul Smart (Manufacturing Manager), Glen Maidment (Bindery Shift Team Leader) and other colleagues in Software Development, Digital, Litho Printing and Print Finishing.”

“We currently have apprentices training in Print Finishing and Pre-Press and we are now in the process of recruiting a further Level 3 Apprentice in each of the following areas: Pre-Press; Printing and Print Finishing.”

Apprenticeships may have gone in and out of fashion but the management team at Hobbs, strongly supported by the British Printing Industries Federation, has been consistent and active in their approach to training.

It is not just in technical skills apprenticeships where the Company has invested.

Graham concludes:

‘We have also had staff undertake Level 2 Apprenticeships in Manufacturing and Lean Technologies and currently have three Team Leaders studying Management NVQs at Level 3 and two potential Team Leaders of the future who have passed Level 2 NVQs in Management.

This training helps to lay the foundations for the future management of the business, based on careful investment and long term resource planning, to ensure we continue to provide excellent customer service and a high quality finished product.”

New Equipment

20th September 2018

In 2017 we began the process of updating all the equipment in our Digital Print Department with the acquisition of a Domino 630i continuous-feed mono Inkjet line and in recent months this process was concluded when we replaced all our digital sheet-fed machines.

The new machines include an HP Indigo 7900 that produces 120 A4 four-colour pages a minute. This machine is a faster and more productive machine than the two Indigo machines it replaces. The team that operate the HP7900 have attended courses held at HP’s European Training Centres to ensure we obtain the best quality and performance from our new Indigo.

In addition to the Indigo we have purchased two Canon ImagePress four-colour machines, a C750 and C850, which although slightly slower than our new Indigo are able to print on a larger sheet size and are ideal for our Print on Demand solutions. In addition the two Canon machines provide excellent back-up to the Indigo.

Two new Canon Titan 6220 monochrome engines bring our black and white sheet fed operation bang up to date. From the trials we have performed our view is that these machines produce the best quality of any monochrome sheet-fed digital engine. A Ricoh 8100 monochrome printing system has also been installed to support the printing of carrier sheets and advice notes in our fulfilment operation.

The complete replacement of our digital printing equipment has provided the opportunity to reorganise the department so as to improve the flow of work through it.

There is much discussion about digital colour being good enough or not good enough, but there is no doubt that the HP Indigo produces the best in class digital colour and this will now produce the vast majority of digital colour work at Hobbs. The high productivity of this machine is already making a significant impact on our production schedules.

One of the new Canon Digital Print Engines

HP Indigo 7900

In 2017 we took delivery of a new fully automatic high-speed MBO K8 folding machine; we have been so pleased with our K8 that we have another MBO K8 on order which will be delivered before the end of the year. In addition to the MBO K8 we have invested in a new Horizon BQ480 PUR adhesive binding machine primarily for binding digitally printed books for both short-run and print-on-demand and a new automated Hang Drill for our ondemand loose-leaf production.

And finally, we have invested in a Watkiss PowerSquare book-maker which produces wire-stitched books up to 224pp with a square spine; this is ideal for clients who wish to have high page extent books wire-stitched with the title of the book appearing on a spine.

Horizon BQ480

International Recognition

9th February 2017

Hobbs received recognition from the IPN (International Printers Network) when they won two awards at the recent IPN Conference in Cape Town, South Africa.

The primary award was voted by the members of the IPN for the best solution developed and delivered by a member in 2016. This was a fully automated Article Reprint solution built for The Institute of Physics Publishing in Bristol. The award recognised the complexity and intelligence of the solution that allows an academic audience access to over 600,000 articles and the ability to purchase multiple copies of those of interest. The recipient is taken seamlessly from the IOP Publishing website through to a Hobbs hosted site where details of the article required are collected, along with delivery requirements. A price is calculated as agreed with the IOP Publishing. The purchase and associated financial transfers are handled by Hobbs who then manufacture and ship worldwide. These articles were not printed with covers originally, but the IOP Publishing specified that they wanted these products to have a cover that reflected both the IOP Publishing brand and the original journal. Accordingly, we automatically create and include covers with content driven from the IOP Publishing metadata.

The solution delivers a number of key objectives for the IOP Publishing, the availability of archive content to a new audience, a significant reduction in the administrative overhead of managing and delivering offprints, and the upholding and protection of the integrity of the IOP Publishing brand through the delivery of a high quality product. Significantly it also delivers a new revenue stream and market awareness.

IOP Publishing Head of Production, Liz Martin, reports: ‘The Hobbs team took a very pragmatic and practical approach to dealing with this complexity and were always proactive in their communication. They were a pleasure to deal with throughout....They were dedicated, solution focused and detail orientated; highlighting many aspects of the project that we had not previously considered....Hobbs successfully delivered on a tight timescale and I am looking forward to working with them on the future development of this system’.

We are now working together to extend the scope of the project and to provide more complex products on demand.

Martin Kelly, Programme Manager, and Liz Martin, Head of Production at IOP Publishing, are pictured with the
IPN Technical Achievement Award

The second award was an ‘Outstanding Recognition award’ presented to Graham Bromley, reflecting his contribution to the IPN through management of the IPN Technical conferences and work of the IPN board. Graham is one of 13 people who make up the board of the IPN. Members are drawn from partners in the UK, Netherlands, USA, France, Canada and Singapore. This is truly an international group.

Our partners are helping our clients deliver to their clients in all corners of the world. If you would like to know more about how the IPN and Hobbs can help you avoid complex and expensive shipping costs by manufacturing and delivering locally, please contact either Brian Jelf or Graham Bromley.

Our new Komori G437 four Colour Press

24th August 2016

We recently completed the installation and commissioning of a new Komori G437 4 colour H-UV press. This SRA1 format press replaced a B3 format Heidelberg Speedmaster 52. It effectively has more than 4 times the capacity of the older press due to faster make ready times, faster running speeds and the larger format.

The H-UV technology delivers a number of real and tangible benefits for both us and our customers.

In the first instance the sheets are cured in the press immediately after printing – this means we are delivering absolutely dry sheets at the end of the press without risk of set off or marking. These sheets are immediately ready for turning or for post processing through guillotines, folding machines or laminators as appropriate.

The fact that the ink is cured on the surface of the sheet rather than drying conventionally through a blend of absorption, oxidation and evaporation, allows us to print high quality vibrant images on a very wide range of stocks. This includes uncoated stocks – thus allowing lower cost and potentially more environmentally friendly stocks to be used for high quality print.

The driers on an H-UV press use around 50% of the power than the driers on a conventional litho press use. This is because the IR driers normally used generate a lot of heat and then air has to be blown across these lamps to prevent overheating. The reduction in airflow in the back of the press allows sheets to be delivered more consistently at higher speed as well.

In January 2017 Komori UK will complete the upgrading of our existing G440 B1 format press to the same H-UV technology. At this point the two presses will use no more power than the previous configuration, but we will have almost doubled our 4 colour capacity – it is a very energy efficient solution.

The curing process on the H-UV presses will make coating and sealing completely unnecessary as the image is stable and robust and not liable to scuffing when printed on matt and silk coated stocks. The absence of the coating will remove the associated odours from our printed products.

H-UV technology generates no Ozone and requires no venting of the air from the press. Other advantages to us from adoption of this technology include the removal of downtime associated with maintaining and cleaning the coating unit and a dramatic reduction iN maintenance time associated with the print units – this ink does not skin or go off in the ink ducts – it only cures when exposed to a very specific bandwidth of UV light. The cost savings of the reduction in maintenance time and the removal of coating materials offset the increased cost of the ink and help to make us as competitive as possible.

Hobbs and the Environment

2nd February 2016

At Hobbs we have a long-term capital expenditure programme that covers not only software, IT and printing equipment but also the factory itself, including the fabric of the building and all its different components such as Heating & Ventilation and the electrical supply. This is all due to our intention for our factory to be as environmentally efficient and sustainable as possible.

Our concern for the environment is illustrated by the fact that for many years Hobbs has held the Environmental Standard ISO 14001 which requires us to continually find ways to reduce our environmental impact in a safe and predictable manner.

At the end of 2015 Hobbs made two major investments to reduce its electrical consumption, firstly by replacing its main Heating & Cooling System, which consisted of Chillers and Fan Coil Units, with a new Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) heat recovery system. The advantages of such a system are that heating to offices and departments would be from heat recovered from production areas and that the cooling and ventilation is more energy efficient (18% more efficient) than a chiller/fan coil arrangement.

The second investment was in a Solar Photovoltaic System consisting of 960 PV panels. Such panels are able to generate 250 kW when the sun is shining brightly – which is over a third of the factory’s energy requirement when all the plant is working. Even when the sun is not shining, the modern panels still enable electricity to be generated. For any electricity generated that is not used at Hobbs, the spare electricity is sent automatically into the National Grid for other users to benefit from.

Our ‘BPIF Apprentice Chairman’ – Josh Levett-Thomas

7th January 2016

The importance of Training and Apprenticeships has been one of Hobbs ‘corner-stones’ for many years. It is difficult to think of anyone at Hobbs who has not benefited from some form of training since joining the company with many of our team having benefited from being on an Apprentice Scheme, including: Graham Bromley, our Deputy Managing Director; Brian Jelf, Sales Director; Colin Richardson, Customer Services Manager, together with Paul Smart, Michael Vine and Glen Maidment who are part of our Bindery Management Team.

We were therefore extremely proud when Josh Levett-Thomas, a member of our bindery team, was asked by the British Printing Industries Federation (BPIF) to be the first Chairman of the BPIF Apprentice Council. Josh achieved great scores during his apprenticeship training and was short-listed as a Finalist of the South Central Advanced Apprentice of the Year Award in 2014.

Graham Bromley with Josh Levett-Thomas

In recognition of his achievement, Josh was invited during National Apprenticeship Week 2015 to be part of forming the Apprentice Council to help bring a higher standard to the BPIF apprentices and to show how apprenticeship can lead to greater opportunities.

In the current issue of the BPIF Magazine, called Inprint, an article was written about Josh who was asked, “Why did you do an apprenticeship?”, his response was, “I really enjoyed working in the print industry and wanted to progress without leaving the company. Knowing how beneficial apprenticeships are to our company and how it would also benefit me, I decided this would be the best option. Since starting my apprenticeship, I have only improved and have never looked back”.

We are extremely proud of Josh’s achievements and congratulate him on his appointment.

Bake for Heroes

11th May 2015

On 23rd April 2015 a ‘Cake & Savoury Sale’ was held at Hobbs the Printers to raise funds for Help for Heroes, a charity that helps support wounded servicemen and women who have suffered life-changing injuries in the course of their duties for their country. For these selfless people, it is after the din of battle has quietened that the real fight begins – a fight that may last for the rest of their lives.

As a result of much baking, the Hobbs staff raised £340 for this very worthwhile charity. The company then ‘rounded up’ this sum to £500.

As well as raising funds through its Cake & Savoury Sale, Hobbs also provides Help for Heroes with free printing to promote local fund raising events and has received thanks from ‘H4H’ for the company’s continued support over the years.

Recognition of achievement – Josh Thomas

15th September 2014

Josh Thomas (centre) with Andy Bracey (BPIF) and Graham Bromley at the award ceremony..

Josh Thomas who is an apprentice in our finishing department has recently been shortlisted as a finalist in the South Central Advanced Apprentice of the Year awards with the National Apprenticeship Service. Josh was rated as ‘Highly Commended’ finishing runner up in a category that covered all trades across all industries, not just printing, across 5 counties in Southern England. Josh attended a ceremony at the Grand Hall in Winchester on Thursday 11th September to receive his award. There were over 14,000 applications for the National Apprenticeship Awards in 2014, so this is a very significant achievement for Josh.

In July the late Kathy Woodward, formerly CEO of the BPIF, wrote to Josh to congratulate him:

I was delighted to hear that you had been shortlisted as a regional apprentice of the year in the National Apprenticeship Awards. This is a great credit to both yourself and Hobbs the Printers. I hope you do well at the September Awards but to even get shortlisted is a great achievement. I hope this is the beginnings of a great career for you in the industry. Good luck for the future.

Josh first joined the business in August 2007 when he was still at college. He worked part time as an assistant in our bindery on late shift. In September 2009 he moved to full time working in the same role.

In October 2010 Josh was promoted to the position of machine operator having applied himself to gaining as much knowledge and experience as he could within the department. Josh began training on folding machines. In September 2011 Josh completed an NVQ level 2 in Business Improvement Techniques as one of a number of staff undertaking this study at work. In 2012 Josh successfully applied for the chance to undertake a formal Level 3 Advanced Apprenticeship in Print Finishing.

Josh has proven himself to be a very effective operator on a wide range of equipment including Dursellen drilling systems, Shanklin shrink wrappers, Renz wire-o-binding, Heidelberg folding, Polar guillotines and Muller Martini saddle stitching lines, most recently adding the latest Presto2 Digital line to the list – the first of its kind in the world.

Josh has built a reputation for enthusiasm as well as his technical ability that makes him a popular and highly effective member of the team at Hobbs.

Josh’s mother Liz has worked at Hobbs since leaving school and is rightly very proud of the way in which Josh has been developing his career at Hobbs.

Liz Thomas with her son Josh.

World War I - David Hobbs reflects

1st August 2014

David Hobbs' grandfather sitting on one of the many "War Horses" he helped to look after during World War I.

As we all know, this year is the 100th Year Anniversary of the commencement of the First World War. There have been many programmes on the television commemorating this tragic event. For me it is the photographs taken of known relatives who fought in the war, or assisted in the war effort, that are sometimes the most moving way for us who are fortunate to be alive today to appreciate how the war affected the lives of our ancestors.

Bert, the new recruit, in 1914.                          Bert, Home on Leave, in 1916.

I have recently been tidying up a store in the factory which contained boxes of old documents that had been the possessions of my grandfather, H.C.Hobbs (who was known as Bert). To my surprise I came across an old photo album of his that covered the period from 1910 to 1920. Amongst the collection were photos of my grandfather as a “raw recruit” in 1914, then aged 20, to photos of him in France when he was part of 26th Field Ambulance. His duties required him to drive the ambulances to the front-line to collect the injured and transport them to the field hospitals, helping the injured as much as he could in the process, to looking after the “war horses” that pulled the ambulances.

There are two photos which together are a poignant reminder of the great loss of life. The first is of my grandfather with his friend Fred Coombs, who also was with the Field Ambulence, standing in uniform (Fred appears to be wearing a German helmet).

Fred Coombs with Bert.                                                             Fred Coombs grave in France, killed in action, 1917.

The second photo simply shows the grave of Fred Coombs with writing on a wooden cross that states he died of wounds whilst performing his duty for the Field Ambulance on the 6th July 1917.

Let us never forget the dreadful sacrifice of those that fought in that tragic war.

Customer Survey Results

16th July 2014

We are delighted and humbled by the wonderfully positive feedback we have been given in the 2014 Hobbs Customer Survey. From the astonishing 60% response, we are now able to publish the very encouraging results summary in the chart at the end of this article and to share some of the comments included in the feedback.

The overall outcome from the survey showed a step up to 97% of all respondents selecting the highest option across the five categories, which compares nicely to 96% last time; just one percent, but, in our view we’ve closed a quarter of the 4% gap to perfection!

We remain entirely focused on providing the best customer service in our industry; it’s difficult and takes the right attitude, resources and commitment right across the workforce to achieve our potential. With your feedback and the customer loyalty we are privileged to experience, these tiny steps of improvement will continue and we will all gain from better workflows, better communication and better value propositions year on year.

“I deal with many suppliers throughout the course of our business and none are as reliable or as easy to work with as the team at Hobbs. Communications are always quick, honest and effective and we've always been very pleased with the final product. Schedules are kept, deliveries arrive on time and the invoicing is smooth. A joy to work with.” Social Development Trust Publisher

“Very happy on all fronts!” Children's Personalised Book Publisher

“Only been working directly with you for a couple of months, but have been very impressed by your service, your business model and pragmatically ambitious plans for the future.” Medical Education Publisher

“I am always very happy with both the level of customer service and the quality of the goods you supply.” Publisher

“Having worked with Hobbs for a number of years, I find it difficult to find fault in the service you provide... I have always been impressed not just with the quality and timeliness of your print work but also the professional yet personable way in which you have always dealt with us. This being the case, I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Hobbs to prospective print buyers”. Global Information Provider

“Always efficient and professional. Communications are open as we would expect from a business partnership. Will go the extra 'mile' for us to ensure we meet our publishing schedules. A pleasure to work with, an extremely strong working relationship exists between Hobbs and ourselves”. International Legal Publisher

“Great quality and great customer service, always happy to help when we have a problem.” Global Journal Publisher

“Always a pleasure dealing with the Hobbs team, good to speak to such knowledgeable and friendly people, never any doubt that what is promised is done!” Global Regulatory Publisher

“No negative feedback whatsoever; as ever I am extremely pleased with the service and the quality of our products and I know that the team feel the same. We can absolutely count on Hobbs month upon month to publish a huge list of titles, mostly back-ended... since we moved our subscription work to Hobbs in 2011, we have not had one title miss month through any fault of Hobbs.” Legal Journal Publisher

“The level of customer care and product quality that we've experienced has been perfect, thank you for all your hard work to date.” International STM Publisher


Mr Peter Hobbs

6th January 2013

It is with great sadness that I have to inform you that ‘Mr Peter’ Hobbs passed away peacefully on Sunday 6th January at the age of 87.

Peter worked for the company for over 50 years – he actually started working for Hobbs when he was stationed at Calshot whilst performing his National Service with the RAF. (After working his shift at Calshot, he would hop onto his motor-bike and ride to the factory – which was then in Shirley – when he would either run a press or folder or operate a monotype keyboard to help his father before returning to his RAF base). This was just after the end of the Second World War.

After completing his National Service, Peter joined the family business full-time and in 1948 attended an intensive course at the London College of Printing for ex-service students. He obtained 10 First Class Grades of the 11 subjects he studied and often joked that the two subjects he chose not to study on this course were Estimating and Costing – which became an area of the business that he became responsible for as the company expanded throughout the 1960’s and 70’s. Peter developed an awesome reputation for being successful with our tenders for many Railway and HMSO contracts – which represented the majority of our work until the mid-1980s - often winning a bid by the smallest of margins having spent the night before with hand-written calculations on papers all over the kitchen table as he decided upon what price to submit. Mr Peter was a major reason why the company expanded as much as it did from being a small jobbing printer based in Shirley in the late 1940s to becoming the well- respected medium-sized printing business that it is today.

In the late 70s Peter worked with a programmer to create software for our first computerised costing system (and one of the first such programs in the country) – which involved a large investment in a computer which had an enormous 5 Mega Bytes of memory! The method of recording our costs using the principle of the program he developed is still used to-day and has been an important corner-stone for much of our decision making for estimating and capital investment decisions.

Mr Peter was a quiet man with a gentle sense of humour who, despite having two handicapped children whom he helped care for every day, gave his all to Hobbs the Printers. He was even in the factory, working in his office, when he had a major stroke in 1996 which forced his retirement at the age of 70. I can safely say that without Mr Peter’s ‘steady hand on the tiller’ for so many years the company would not be here today.

Thank you for your feedback

24th June 2012

Once again we are grateful for the wonderful feedback we have received from our customers from this year’s survey. We know we work in a very competitive market, and you know we try very hard to provide an excellent service with great value. So it is very gratifying to receive such positive marks and comments once again.

We will continue to strive for ever higher levels of service and the competitive edge which will make working with Hobbs a must for our valued customers. This will be through increased customer focused service initiatives, staff training and development, and, of course investment in the latest plant and technologies to support this effort.

The numbers in the chart tell a great story, but we’d also like to share some of the lovely comments we received; thank you all.

"Great quality product, provided by friendly, efficient and accurate staff. Highly recommended."

Alliance Publishing

"We can always be totally confident that Hobbs will be able to deal with any printing task that we request and with an enthusiasm and attention to detail that ensures our products meet ours and our customers’ highest expectations."


"You set a very high standard, and you always live up to it. As you know, I have always valued your top drawer customer service, and the fact that any problems are quickly resolved."

Taylor & Francis

"It is always a pleasure working with Hobbs and that has consistently been the case over a 10-year period. The customer service is excellent and the quality of the work of a very high standard. I always feel Hobbs will do their best to accommodate our needs however unreasonable they might be!"

Legal Action Group

"It is difficult to find fault. We continue to use Hobbs to benchmark other suppliers’ performance."

The Open University

"Hobbs always go out of their way to meet our deadlines even when we run late. They are efficient, professional and a great company to deal with."

LexisNexis UK

"We're always very pleased with the quality of printing. It's also a pleasure to deal with the various staff members!"

Anvil Press

Caring about our environment

5th February 2012

We have been working hard to reduce the consumption of water and chemistry in our processes. The introduction of our new AGFA Avalon platesetters in 2010 massively reduced water consumption, saving over 1,600,000 litres since installation. We have also been reducing the use of Isopropyl Alcohol (IPA) which is used in the damping solutions of litho presses. In 2005 we consumed over 12,000 litres of IPA. By 2009, following the introduction of our Komori LS 529C which has always run alcohol free, we had reduced this consumption to just under 6,000 litres per year. Since the autumn of 2011 we have been working with Stehlin Hostag to drive the consumption even lower; we now run two presses completely alcohol free, three others are run using just 1.5% alcohol and the other just 3%. Traditionally presses would have run using between 8 and 10% alcohol in their dampening systems. At the current rate we are using 1275 litres in a 12 month period. However, we are on course to have all presses running completely alcohol free by the end of March 2012.

To achieve this we have developed and implemented a whole series of precise and effective daily and weekly maintenance practices right across our press room. Fewer inflammable chemicals in the workspace significantly reduces the risk of fire.

When you print with us on FSC or PEFC accredited materials you can be assured that we are doing everything possible to safeguard our environment in both the short and longer term. FSC and PEFC materials are guaranteed to be drawn from sustainable resources; more trees are being planted than felled for this purpose and young trees are particularly effective at absorbing carbon dioxide from the environment.

The investment continues; Two new Polar Guillotines

8th Febuary 2011

In February we saw the installation of two new Polar 115X Plus guillotines supplied by Heidelberg UK. These are the fourth generation of Polar guillotines to have been operated by Hobbs. The machines are supported by materials handling equipment that lifts and jogs materials prior to cutting as well as making it easier for the operator to stack down efficiently.

The guillotines are critical to the smooth running of the plant as they are involved in the preparation of paper to print as well as cutting text down prior to folding and covers prior to binding.

It is essential in our view that we operate modern, safe, reliable equipment to help us meet the needs and expectations of our clients.

BPIF's 2010 Award for outstanding contribution to UK printing industry

11th July 2010

David Hobbs was both surprised and delighted to be singled out for this prestigious industry awarded, which was presented to him by BPIF President, Rupert Middleton at lunch during Members’ Day 2010. Below is just a short extract from Rupert’s speech:

“I am delighted to present to you today a quiet and generous man, who has done so much for his company, his community and his industry. David Hobbs is first and foremost a family man, with three fast-growing children all achieving great things at school, university and post-graduation and challenging David to keep up, both mentally and physically! He is a keen sports fan, having been a Saints season ticket holder for most of his life – this can’t be easy I guess, but at least he’s loyal! He’s also a Hampshire Cricket fan, a dinghy sailor when time permits, and a keen occasional golfer and tennis player. In recent years he has been specialising in military golf!

“During his time at Hobbs, David has overseen significant changes within the company, sustaining and building upon a remarkable legacy at Hobbs. The company has achieved its success by always focusing on providing the highest quality of customer service and developing a professional team through investing in training. These two tenets have been the cornerstone of the company’s business philosophy over the years.

“Colleagues will tell you that David’s style is to work quietly without seeking attention. He is often to be found working alongside his production and estimating teams demonstrating his commitment to clients’ needs. He is liked and trusted within the business and by his customers; people know that he is both honest and sincere. He is also a great supporter of our industry. A member (and former Chairman) of the BPIF’s South Eastern Regional Board, and he is a Board Member with the IPN (International Printers Network) guiding this international partnership of independent companies.

“Outside of work, David is a passionate supporter of national and local charities such as the Muscular Dystrophy Society, for whom he has run the London Marathon on more than one occasion, and Wessex Heartbeat, for whom he has cycled around Northern France as part of a Hobbs team on several occasions, all to raise much needed funds for these very worthy causes [editor’s note: sponsorship for the Autumn 2011 500 mile ride would be much appreciated!]. Now though, he also gives even more of himself as a Trustee of the Wessex Cardiac Trust.

“Ladies and Gentlemen, it gives me great pleasure to present David Hobbs with the BPIF 2010 Award for Outstanding Contribution to the UK Printing Industry.”

Rupert Middleton, President, BPIF . July 2010.

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