A few of the pictures that you don't see in smart company brochures, but they tell you something about the spirit of our staff!

Graham Bromley’s 50th Birthday Surprise

It comes to something when you reach an age when even getting into your own office is a chore: The quarantine seal and tape did not help, but the happy 50th birthday ‘mess’ that Graham found when he finally got through raised a smile – they’re all his own teeth, you know!

Image 1 - graham trying to get into his office with tape sealing he door Image 2 - graham trying to get into his office with tape sealing he door Image 3 - graham trying to get into his office with tape sealing he door Image 4 - graham trying to get into his office with tape sealing he door

Hobbs celebrates 125 successful years

David Hobbs invited all current and recently retired members of staff who had served the company for 25 years or more out for a lovely meal last autumn. An amazing 41 members of our 175 strong team at Hobbs have achieved this remarkably loyal level of long service and they all enjoyed a wonderful evening together, swapping great stories and having a bit of fun…

Image of David Hobbs's 125th anniversary cake

125th anniversary cake kindly baked and decorated by one of the 25-year staff

Image of David Hobbs blowing out candles of his cake

David blows out the candles on the special cake and makes a wish for another successful 125 years!

Image of David hobbs and the gentleman of the night

Oh, how the men laughed…

Image of David hobbs and the ladies of the night

…and oh, how the ladies got their man!

Colin's 40th Birthday

Image of Colin aged 20 and 40

Colin (left) aged 20, Colin (right) aged 40

Russell pushing it to the edge again

Picture of Russell on the Sailing Boat

Russell and Colin are not at all concerned by the deep water

Picture of Russell and Colin on the Sailing Boat

Sylvia looks as if she's lost her bottle - she's OK really!

Picture of Ex employee Sylvia on the Sailing Boat

Five-a-side Football Tournament

In January we held a company wide five-a-side football tournament for our staff. Over 60 members of staff took part with many more watching from the safety of the sidelines.

Those who took part had a great time and we are now busy planning the next event.

Our Five-a-side Football Tournament

Each year we join in with various fund-raising events, whether locally or nationally. We said Pants To Poverty this year and raised funds by looking cool and respectable for the Comic Relief fund-raiser...

Helen showing us all with the Hobbs van

David Hobbs joining in

Lets all give them a hug! Show us your legs boys! Nice hair styles! What exactly does it say on my back? David Hobbs with extensions! Our rather delicately dressed costing team Now which one has the worst shirt! Nice hair styles 2 Terry Ozanne is back at school again! Sylvia Beecham with blue hair! Nice!