William Hobbs
Henry and Henry C. Hobbs
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The Early Days...

In 1884 the world was vastly different from today, although it has to be said that it was quite an interesting time. It was the year of the first long-distance telephone call between Boston and New York and also the year that George Eastman patented photographic film.

And 1884 was also the year that William Hobbs decided to set up his own printing business as a small jobbing printer to serve the local community in Southampton. In 1850, at the age of fourteen, William began his working life in print as an apprentice in the ‘Art of Printing and Publishing’ in the village of Wonston just outside Winchester. Today we still have his indenture which stated that during his seven year apprenticeship he was not allowed to “contract matrimony” nor “haunt taverns”. So with thirty-four years of printing experience behind him William started his own company, William Hobbs and Sons.